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Fabricated Products

Rivers Edge Welding can fabricate a variety of construction industry products, both to OEM specifications or custom created to suit a particular need. Below is a listing of just some of our products. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Gravel Spoons

Used by pipe installation crews for placement of bedding rock, Gravel Spoons are an essential tool for use in construction applications. We can custom create a gravel spoon to any specifications including the more common sizes of 30" x 11' and 42" x 11'. Custom lugging enables a fit to all makes of loaders including pin-on. All gravel spoons include a replaceable hardened steel cutting edge.

Gravel Spoon

Concrete Pipe Handlers

Designed to attach to loaders of all makes and models, Concrete Pipe Handlers allow simple placement of drainage and sewer pipes without scarring or destroying. Typical pipe handlers are fabricated to a dimension of 3' x 5’ and include an OEM color match painted finish.

Concrete Pipe Handler


Designed for excavators to break frozen ground or gouge through rocks, we can custom build Ripper attachments to suit your needs or build to OEM specifications for many brands such as Weldco Beales and IMAC. We also complete repairs to ensure a faster turnaround time for our customers. Such issues as cracks or worn ripper noses can be repaired and refinished leaving you with an attachment in new condition for a fraction of the cost.

600 Ripper
ZX850 Ripper
Jones 120 Ripper


Whether you need a custom built bucket or one built to OEM specifications, Rivers Edge Welding can fabricate buckets for all kinds of excavators and bobcats. We also rebuild and repair worn buckets, cutting in new floors, R&R bucket lips, adding new teeth, replacing worn wear strips and re-lugging to suit your needs.

Custom Relug
Custom Dig Bucket In Progress
Custom Dig Bucket In Progress
Finished 53" Dig Bucket Down to Trenching Bucket


A variety of attachments can be custom made to fit your individual business needs. Whether it be slab crabs for concrete demolition, tampers, hammers for breaking rock or a "Bobtach" (an attachment designed for an excavator and modified to attach to a bobcat for smaller jobs and tight spaces), we can custom fabricate, modify and repair for all makes and models of machinery.

Slab Crab
400 Series Hydraulic Quick Attach
Hitachi Hitch
Bobtach Attachments

Bolt On Quick Attach Top Plates

Rivers Edge Welding specializes in fabricating top plates for quick attach systems, with most IMAC and Weldco Beales top plate drawings and specifications already in our computerized system. This coupling system used on excavators allows the machinery operator efficient use of time to complete the job at hand with ease.

450 Top Plate for GH18 Hammer
200 Series Top Plate GH10 Base
410J C4C Top Plate
Accurate 200 Series Top Plate Auger Drive

Bucket Liners

Bucket liners are highly recommended for protecting your bucket floor from wear and damage, especially in harsh and high abrasion environments. At Rivers Edge Welding LTD, we use high quality abrasion resistant 400 grade steel, as opposed to factory OEM steel. Liner plates can be formed to fit the curve profile of any bucket, extending the life span of your bucket. This is a proactive measure, preventing costly repairs in the future, saving you time and money, and finished with a higher quality product. Trust our decades of experience to get the steel formed as perfectly as possible for your job.

Bucket Liners
Bucket Liners
Bucket Liners

Blade Skins

Blade Skins are highly recommended for protecting your Dozer Blade from wear and damage, especially in harsh and high abrasion environments. The "Skin" reinforces the blade face, protecting it from dents and cracks and prevents it from getting thin. At Rivers Edge Welding LTD, we can custom form a skin to fit the profile curvature of any blade. Extending the life of your blades and using a higher grade steel, increases the life span of your blade, avoiding costly repairs in the future.

Blade Skins
Blade Skins
Blade Skins